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5 Star Reviews

Paul W.

5 Stars - 9/6/2022

"I've never written a review before but feel compelled to do so after receiving excellent service at Reynoso just now. I needed a headlight replaced. I have no auto repair knowledge so I will typically go to a mechanic for just about anything. Yesterday I called a big chain about getting my headlight replaced and they said they would need my car for about 4 hours. I couldn't do that so I put it off for another day. Today I called Reynoso and was told if I could pick up the lightbulb they could do it in under 30 minutes.

As it turns out, when I got there and checked in at the office, the guy I talked to on the phone (perhaps the owner/manager?) came right out and popped in the bulb for me in 2 minutes, no charge. He also showed me how to do it so I could do it for myself next time.

Like a lot of people, I'm often nervous going to auto repair shops that it's going to be a lot more expensive than I anticipated, so it means a lot to find a place with integrity. I will definitely be back to Reynoso in the future if & when my car needs more service."

Jose C.

5 Stars - 11/2/2021

"Mechanics are always a long story, we never know who to go to or who does a good job. Let me be the first to tell you LOOK NOMORE, REYNOSO AUTO REPAIR DOES IT ALL. I recently hit 100k on my Honda and went I. For a tune up including oil flushes, NEW BRAKES & the whole 9. Reynoso not only gave me a fair price but also had the job done in no time!

Anyone located in the peninsula I recommend!

Again they do it all! Transmission, brakes, engine light !

If your going to do service there and have to wait there's a perfect BBQ spot right In front for your convenience and wait time. It's the perfect match!


Alex L.

5 Stars - 5/13/2021

"Oscar and his team are our go-to shop for anything our vehicles need repaired.  They provide repair options and a fair price. Always very courteous, highest integrity and deliver quality service. Highly recommend."

Elizabeth N.

5 Stars - 5/15/2020

"I've been coming to Oscar for more than 3 years. He has been taking care of me in all aspects with my truck. He is always honest with me and does amazing work. I recommend for anybody to take there vehicle to Reynoso Auto Repair. You won't be disappointed he is a great man who has a great heart which makes his business spectacular because he would never do you wrong. I know how it is when a woman comes to a mechanic and doesn't know much and they over charge you. I guarantee this gentleman won't do that or even let you leave with a vehicle that would put you or your family in danger. You rock Oscar keep up the great work !!!!!"

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